Copper Foiling


Firstly each piece of glass is washed to remove any grease then neatly edged with a narrow strip of adhesive backed copper foil.


The pieces are then placed on the design template or cartoon in their correct positions leaving an even 1mm gap between each one to enable the solder to flow around the edge and between the two pieces of glass.

Firstly the piece is ‘spot soldered’ to prevent it from moving to do this flux is applied to all the junction points and by using a soldering iron and a length of solder a neat fixing joint is made. Then all the remaining copper foiled edges are fluxed and soldered creating a neat, even line of solder. The piece is then turned over and the process is repeated on the other side.

Colouring the leadlines

The solder lines may be coloured either copper or black by painting them with patina and buffing up with a soft cloth.

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